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Pronunciation: yoo-REE-kuh

The term Eureka is the result of Archimedes who upon discovering a technique to determine the amount of gold that was contained in the crown of King Hiero exclaimed “Eureka, Eureka, I have found it. Therefore, the term Eureka is associated with gold and is an expression of triumph with regard to a discovery. Since that time the term has been used by gold prospectors whenever they discovered gold.

Nobody would have believed that 30,000,000 ounces of gold would be discovered in 1862 in Alaska when gold was first discovered. That was surely a Eureka moment. Although there aren’t tens of thousands of gold hungry prospectors out looking for gold in Alaska, the state doesn’t produce nearly as much gold as it did in the old days.

Only a small portion of all gold has been discovered in Alaska. Approximately 5% of the gold has been found there. Prospectors have been trying to find gold in Alaska for centuries. More than 230 ounces of gold has been discovered in the creeks of Alaska since 1987. A small percentage of this gold has been discovered by small time recreational prospectors while a larger percentage of the gold has been taken out by using industrial mining methods.

There are certain factions of adventure seekers who are continually searching for Alaskan gold and keeping the mining tradition alive and as a result, the gold mining industry is very much alive in Alaska. There is no easy way to prospect a creek. However, there are ways and means in which prospecting can not only be profitable, but educational and enjoyable as well.

There is nothing  worse than prospecting on a creek and finding nothing when gold has been found before. Chances are there is an excellent reason why there was never and currently isn’t any prospecting activity on some creeks. Those old prospectors knew what they were doing. About 99% of the time those unworked creeks have no metal or mineral values in them that are worth mining.

Potential prospectors need to research the area that they want to prospect. Only those areas where gold has been found in the past should be prospected. It takes a considerable amount of work, time, effort and money to be successful when prospecting for gold in Alaska. In addition, there are absolutely no guarantees that prospectors will have that elusive Eureka moment. That is the reason why so many potential prospectors who recognize the investment value of gold prefer to purchase their gold.

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