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Gold Nuggets

Alaskan nuggets are highly prized by collectors and jewelers. Obviously, there are several different grades of gold nuggets from Alaska. Most of the Alaskan gold nuggets are frequently mixed in with a high percentage of other minerals such as silver, are quite small, and frequently have an appearance that is rather dull. There will be no or very little mineral staining and the gold will have a color that is buttery yellow. The best gold nuggets will be of high quality and will also be pleasant to look at. These high quality gold nuggets are a great investment since, these days, an ounce of gold is worth about $1600 but these gold nuggets will command a higher price than the lower quality gold nuggets from Alaska.

In their hunt for Alaskan gold, prospectors made dams upstream and then piped the water down by using built up water pressure to blast away banks and hills in the late 1800’s when Crow Creek was one of richest mines in Alaska. They sifted and dug and pumped. In creek beds, they built long sluice boxes made from wood. They erected some buildings such as a cook house, a bunk house, and a blacksmith shed, some of which are still standing. However, not all of the gold was found. Some gold was returned to the creek bed because it managed to get through their sluice boxes. Some of the prospectors even missed some locations altogether.

The leftovers are partly what attracts potential prospectors to Crow Creek, located in the wilderness in southern Alaska. Potential prospectors who have a gold pan can crouch and pan for gold on a sand bar that is surrounded by willow and spruce that grow just below the tree line. While different techniques and tools were ideal for the prospectors who flocked to Alaska, especially when the gold fields in California lost their excitement, they still had to watch out for all of the bears.

There are some prospective prospectors who enjoy working with the gold mining equipment, such as hoses and motors that are mounted on a float, specialized pumps, shovels, and pans, or for the excitement of the hunt. However, others are mostly interested in gold for the investment and prefer to purchase their gold nuggets.

Regardless of how the gold nuggets are obtained, they are a good investment. Finding these gold nuggets can take a considerable amount of time, effort, and money. If the potential prospector isn’t willing to devote that time, effort, and money into obtaining their gold nuggets, purchasing them may well be a better option.

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