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Gold Concentrates – What Are They?

October 18, 2017

The term “gold concentrates” does sound like a chemically modified derivative of gold. However, it is completely natural. A more common name for it is “pay dirt” and there are two ways of sourcing it. Using techniques that involve gravity separation, gold panning is one of them. When you pan for gold, the main objective is to get particles of dirt and ensure that these are separated from the gold’s heavier particles. Gold usually isn’t the only heavy material in the pan. This end result is known as a gold concentrate. To extract gold from it, you have to sift through it manually. Most gold concentrates are iron and called “black sands”.

Gold concentrates are also made by grinding down ore, quartz, or other productive rock types into sand. This procedure is much faster and easier than panning, but the tradeoff is a final product that has less gold “concentrated” within. The pay dirt bundled with panning kits are sold as souvenirs in gold rush towns usually comes from this grinding method.

To make gold concentrates, ore, quartz and other types of productive rock need to be ground down. This is a faster procedure and is easier than panning for gold. The difference, however, is that the end product has less gold concentrated within it. In a lot of Gold Rush towns, pay dirt and panning kits are sold as souvenirs or you can get your very own kit from Eureka Joes. This normally comes from the grinding method.

In a certain way, gold concentrates can be seen as similar to what appears on a jeweler’s workbench: the filing dust and a polishing material that’s used. However, the difference is that a bench sweep contains a lot more gold and therefore we sell them.

At Eureka Joes we have done most of the work for you, we just left you with the fun part, that of sifting through some profitable pay dirt. Visit our shop today to get your very own panning kit and fantastic pay dirt!

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