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Throw A Gold Rush Party

September 16, 2015

So you're planning a party. Hooray! Woo hoo! Party! Party! But after the elation wears off you start to think about the details of your party and you realize that you don't want some boring old party with streamers and balloons and matching plastic table cloths. That's how every party is, generic and unmemorable. What are you to do? What you need is a theme party. And as a completely unbiased third party may I suggest...a gold rush party. I will admit that this theme may be more suitable for children, but adults will think it's a very clever and unique idea too.

Gold Rush Party

First thing's first--the decorations. Try decorating your front door like a boarded up old gold mine. Use old pieces of wood or cardboard cut into wood planks, maybe paint them to look old and worn, and put them up on the door along with a sign that says "Gold Mine." Try using an old fashioned font for the sign, and keep things consistent by using the same font for any other signage you hang up and for any food and drink labels. Feel free to make all the signs look old and worn. Print them on cream colored paper instead of white, use some tea to paint over the paper to give it a yellowed look, rub a little bit of dirt on the larger signs. Remember that mines are messy, so your decorations shouldn't necessarily look perfectly clean and crisp. If you have the space in your backyard set up some simple tents with white bedsheets and have some bandannas and cowboy hats around so your guests can dress up as prospectors.

I Prospect For GoldSecond--let's talk food. If you want to go with food authentic to the time and place of the gold rush try baked potatoes, chili, cornbread and maybe some hotdogs to make the kids really happy. Never forget the hotdogs at a kid's party! Think of color in terms of snacks and choose cheddar cheese cubes, chocolate coins, yellow cookies and cake or cupcakes with a yellow/gold frosting. Some stores may even have candy in the shape of gold nuggets, so consider it a bonus if you find something like that.

Bucket Of Gold ConcentratesLast but not least is the entertainment. That's where Eureka Joe's comes in. This is a gold rush party so have everyone pan for gold! You can set up buckets around the yard, hand out the pans to whoever wants to try it, and pour some paydirt out for them. If this is a children's party make sure there is at least one adult around to show the kids what to do until they get the hang of it. A second option, if you have the ability to build it, is to make your own sluice table for the kids to gather around and pan for gold. So all you need now is the paydirt. For a kid's party I would suggest the 2 pound Taste of Alaska bag. It's a real deal with plenty of gold concentrate in the dirt. Or try the popular 2 pound Hope Dreams bag with the special concentrate from the mines in Hope, Alaska. And if you don't want to deal with a lot of little bags why not get one big bucket of paydirt and call it a day? Buckets come in 1 gallon, 2 gallons and 5 gallons. The point is, we have paydirt at great prices and you're going to need it for your awesome gold rush party.

Party on, prospectors.

Eureka Joe

P.S. If you want to read more about how to decorate for a gold rush party check out these references:

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