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Use a Metal Detector to Find Gold Concentrates

October 11, 2016

I'll bet when you think about finding gold, your mind is sent back to images of the 1800s. You probably picture old guys with long beards, missing teeth and wearing flannel shirts stooped over the river. This method was not very effective, but it was cheap. While the methods for mining gold have changed over the years, one way you've probably never thought of before was to use a metal detector.


Why a Metal Detector?


A metal detector is a handheld electronic device that is used for finding metal objects that you might not otherwise be able to see with your naked eye, or deep underground. They are most commonly used for finding rare coins or lost jewelry. It can also be used to find gold, since gold is metallic. Metal detectors are a fairly recent method for finding gold and many companies are working to make them more advanced for this reason. They can't pinpoint exactly where the gold is hidden, but it can find the pay dirt, or areas where gold concentrations are higher.


The way a metal detector works for finding gold is that they use an electrically powered coil to create a magnetic field. The field reacts with metallic material underground and measures the degree of that reaction.


What Type of Metal Detector?


There are a few different types of metal detectors from which you can choose. The two most common ones are induction balance and pulse induction. Induction balance metal detectors send energy up and down the coil, making it more sensitive. In turn, this helps to find areas of pay dirt. It is best for finding smaller pieces of gold.


Pulse induction metal detectors, on the other hand, rely on quick energy bursts. This enables the metal detector to find larger pieces of gold deep underground. This type of metal detector has even been known to be used by mining companies.


You also need to decide between a concentric or widescan coil. Concentric coils can find gold underground while widescan coils are better for finding areas of pay dirt. It isn't quite as effective at finding gold that might be hidden deeper.


Other Tools


There are a few other tools you might want on hand before you go hunting for gold. Headphones can help you hear better. A claw tool can help you move debris around on the ground without needing to bend over. Also have something on hand to store your finds in as well as a cloth to keep your metal detector clean.


Once you're ready, head on out to search for pay dirt. Or, you can create a fun project for the kids by buying some pay dirt from Eureka Joe's. Gold is guaranteed in every purchase. You can spread it around your backyard and let your kids use the metal detector to go on a scavenger hunt, or you can have an old fashioned panning party. Get yours today!

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