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Wanna Hit Pay Dirt?

March 6, 2017

“There’s gold in them thar hills!” The iconic cry of prospectors who have just caught gold fever encapsulates the excitement and wonder one feels at the idea of panning for hidden wealth. Crouching in a stream bed, patiently sifting through dirt, looking for that one nugget that will change everything is a favorite pastime for those who have been bitten by the gold bug.


Get your pay dirt and strike it rich

The expression “pay dirt” comes from the gold rush days. When a prospector was digging through dirt and suddenly found a gold nugget, he (or she) was suddenly in the position of being paid. As such, he or she had found pay dirt.

As the years have passed, the phrase has evolved to mean an activity that is exceedingly profitable or lucrative. For example, upon finding a valuable antique at a garage sale, someone may purchase it and say, “I’ve hit pay dirt!”

At Eureka Joe’s, we think this definition of the phrase fits our pay dirt perfectly! We offer our very own pay dirt to all of the aspiring prospectors out there. Each bag of our pay dirt is brimming with beautiful nuggets of real gold! All you have to do is prospect it out, and the wealth is yours!


Eureka Joe’s Pay dirt: all the excitement of a gold rush delivered to your front door

Our pay dirt comes in 2 pound bags, 1 gallon buckets, 2 gallon buckets, and—for the real prospectors out there—5 gallon buckets. Our pay dirt is some of the richest around, and you will find the beautiful gold pieces to be well worth the effort of prospecting them out!

All of our pay dirt has lots of smaller placer gold in it; however, if you’re itching to find a big gold nugget, try our guaranteed nugget pay dirt! Available in a 2-pound bag or a 1 gallon bucket, the guaranteed nugget pay dirt contains real nuggets of Alaskan gold, ripe for the finding. All you have to do is prospect it out.

Now you, too, can capture the fever that the prospectors caught. Imagine the excitement of hunkering down with your prospecting pan, ready to sift through some pay dirt. Get your Eureka Joe’s pay dirt shipped to you today—as always, we offer free shipping—and get started!

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