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Why Do People Love Gold So Much?

July 19, 2017

The short six-year period of the California gold rush in 1849-1855 claimed more than 100,000 lives from mining accidents and diseases. The influx of immigrants converted a once sleepy area into the Wild, Wild West. During the same period, 4,000 murders were committed.

why gold

Sorry to start this article on such a morbid note, but it really underscores how many people have made the ultimate sacrifice for a chance to strike gold, pun intended.

But really, gold is just metal. It would have melted to oblivion if not alloyed with copper or paired with silver. So why is it so valuable compared to lead or iron, both also heavy metals?

Here are some of the reason why people love gold so much:

1. It’s Believed to Be a Remnant of the Solar System’s Birth

Scientists believe that the chemical element was present in the very dust which helped give birth to the solar system. When the earth was formed billions of years ago, it was mostly molten. When it hardened, the gold sank from the surface and all the way to the earth’s core. You know how much gold is there at the core? It would be enough to cover the whole surface of the earth four-layers thick.

2. The Love Affair With Gold Traces Back to Start Of Human Civilization

Archeologists have found gold in Paleolithic caves, which means they date back to the stone age or about 40,000 B.C. The Pharaohs and high priests of ancient Egypt were also fond of gold as their preferred jewelry. It’s gone now, but when it was built the peak of the pyramids in Giza was solid gold. The Egyptians probably were the first to put a value on the heavy metal when they invented a currency system where you need two and a half parts of silver for each piece of gold.

3. Gold is Malleable, So It's Easy To Design Jewelry Using the Element

With gold, you can pretty much design anything. You are virtually only limited by your own imagination and creativity. Also, unlike some metals, gold is inert so it doesn’t give off radiation or toxicity to humans. When stable, it’s also very sturdy and it doesn’t oxidize which means your jewelry will last a long time.

4. Gold is Valuable Because People Decided it Was So

Human commerce is a funny thing. There was a time when iron was more precious than gold because people can actually make swords, armaments, and ships out of it. In fact, iron was so precious that governments shifted to gold for their coins. Another factor is that gold is rare, and the process of extraction is quite dangerous and costly. But the main reason is that people are still buying it. This means gold will remain precious as long as the market will place a high value on this heavy metal.


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