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Strike Paydirt at Eureka Joe’s!

Alaska is America’s last great frontier. For generations the prospect of hitting paydirt and finding fortunes has convinced many an intrepid adventurer to brave its wilds. Eureka Joe’s is dedicated to making your dreams of hitting paydirt a reality. We offer rich paydirt from our private Alaskan claims, guaranteed to cure gold fever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Cheechako fresh off the dirty trail or a seasoned Sourdough, you will find a paydirt package that suits your hunger and pays!

If coarse gold and plenty of pickers are what you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with paydirt from our Upper River Claim. We sell only the best paydirt concentrate from the dirt in our mine, and this is a favorite of those with a nose for gold. Our Lower River claims are full of rich paydirt and mostly placer gold. These paydirt products are ready for the bottom of your gold pan, and are sure to please miners of all ages.

Our Hope Dreams paydirt package comes straight from Hope, Alaska where many a miner’s dreams have come true. Supplies are limited from this claim, but Hope paydirt is famous for its big gold nuggets. Our Taste of Alaska paydirt bag is priced to move and is perfect for anyone on a budget. But don’t be fooled for a minute, because this bag is also filled with plenty of the gold stuff. Our other paydirt packages are priced to move, so browse through our selection and find one that whets your appetite for gold.

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Dirt that Pays - The Story of Alaskan Gold

There is no lure stronger than that of gold. The moment is etched into the psyche of every would-be prospector, that of the sight of the first flakes in the pan and the cry of, “Paydirt! Paydirt! Paydirt! Eureka, I’ve struck gold!”

Many men from all walks of life braved the cold and rugged terrain of the north in an effort to seek their paydirt fortune, but the arduous path toward gold more often met with fatigue, failure, and even death. The first Alaskan paydirt was discovered near Sitka in the early 1870s, but the first big strike was made in Juneau almost eight years later. The place was fittingly named Gold Creek, and the city of Juneau even got its name from one of those early miners.

Less than ten years later, paydirt was struck in the Klondike and Nome. Skookum Jim Mason, Dawson Charlie and George Washington Carmack were the daring gold seekers who first found paydirt in a tributary of the Klondike River. News quickly travelled south to the states and the headlines boasted “Gold! Gold! Gold! Stacks of Yellow Metal!” and told the tale of 68 men who found their fortunes in the dirt.

This was the start of the Klondike Gold Rush, also known as The Last Great Gold Rush. Seemingly overnight, the lure of striking paydirt brought men to the northern reaches of Alaska’s Inside passage. Here, the dirty towns of Dyea and Skagway became the jumping off point for 100,000 men over the next two years who would seek their fortunes in the hopes of striking paydirt. Only a fraction would make it to the Klondike, in the hopes the dirt would pay.

Alaska Paydirt

These were men who would soon know the trials of the north, men who would become hardened by wind and ice, or end up beaten and broken along the grueling paths that marked the way toward riches. Eventually the White Pass Railway would make the trek easier, but throughout the rush men were required to each pay for and carry a ton of goods as they made their way over the Chilkoot Pass. The lure of paydirt was strong, and these pioneers labored over mountain, river, and lakes, even building their own boats along the way.

Life in the gold fields was no better. Many a pan found only dirt and misery and few were the lucky who struck pay dirt. Death lurked around every turn of the creek. Wild animals, avalanche, cold and starvation were all a reality for miners seeking their fortunes. Some would pay with their lives, and end up in the dirt. But some were lucky, and staked a claim when paydirt gold finally found its way to their poke.

Paydirt would eventually be found all over Alaska, from Kenai to Fairbanks, and Anchorage to Tok. Eureka Joe’s is proud to be a part of this fabled history, and our paydirt packages are a part of this land as much as the pilgrims who lived and died here to find the hidden places where gold lay. Every bag of pay dirt is bona fide Alaskan, and the gold you find is the same gold that lured so many to the ends of the Earth to find pay dirt.

Gold Concentrates and Alaskan Nuggets

Paydirt at Your Doorstep

The lust for gold didn’t stop with the end of the Gold Rush. Mines of various sizes are still operational today all over Alaska, and Eureka Joe’s provides our customers with a chance to indulge their enthusiasm for paydirt without having to visit the mines. From our Upper River Claims to our Lower River Claims, from Western Alaska to Eastern Alaska, Southeast and the Arctic Circle, we love this wild place we call home and are proud to bring our passion for paydirt gold to all of our customers.

In many ways the gold rush survives today. With the price of gold reaching all time highs there is no better time to stake your own claim and work some paydirt of your own. You might have to get your hands dirty, but when you see those glistening flakes in the pan you'll understand how and why so many have endured hardships for a chance to strike it rich.

Peruse our website and find the package that will cure your own case of gold fever. Eureka Joe’s is a proud Alaskan company, eager to share our passion for the north and its story of dirt that pays. You can be a part of that ongoing story of gold, one that began over a century ago and is still being written today.

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